I wrote these lines when I studied in 9th standard Yeah we can say I wrote this 5years ago when I was an immature guy who doesn’t understand many things about the world and human nature. Let’s start in this life, I want My Mom, My Dad, My Brother & My Dog to stay forever with me like today….,😌 I can’t imagine living without My Family 😣If I think of living without Family “I scared too much, I start feeling like am I alone and sad too much, I am just lost the control to my mind and start only non stop crying when I am alone in my room or home” And No one says that with full security I can live with you forever I understand you even I don’t think I have true love coz I know one day My family will leave me and then I will need to fight with this for the world for living.No one cares about your loyalty.😓 So show your attitude( it sounds like crazy) to the world coz everyone doesn’t have respect for your good kind of nature but they do not give good judgements. your weird and worst kind of nature.😑 To understand what do you want in your life and achievements. Because Your Family living here to feel proud of your success. 😍So what I want in our life at present time is that I want some true peoples and Loyal Peoples who can understand me. But when I say my friends understand me, Am I wrong? 🙁 Nah! When do I say my family understand me, Am I wrong? – 🙁 Nah! But If I thought I just need to know I only understand “Me”. 😉



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