Solar heated tent
Solar-heated Tents.

What is your reaction after seeing the photo?
Do you think its a preparation for another Hollywood sci-fi movie?
But no these are the solar-heated tents in the le-Ladakh area. invented by Sonam Wangchuck. He made it with unique tricks. He made heated tents without harming the environment or atmosphere. Inside the Solar-heated tents almost temperature 15deg Celcius.

Sonam Wangchuk showing the temperature inside the tent.

Why Mr Sonam Wangchuk made it?
“Suddenly, the Army had to station a large number of soldiers in places where suitable accommodation was barely present through the winter, which meant they brought with them things unsuitable for the local environment. Our soldiers, for example, brought large quantities of kerosene which they burnt to keep themselves warm. This is not only a drain on the state exchequer and a massive onslaught against the local environment but also creates serious discomfort for soldiers since kerosene-powered heating is prone to fire accidents. All these reasons made me think about refining the prototype for military use,”


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